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Our Finance Commission held today a very interesting Digital Panel on the topic “EdTech – a Booming Demand from Global Investors” in our EU Tech Virtual Center.

We had an engaging session where our guests provided us with interesting insights about the EdTech sector which has been booming for a few years now. We would like to thank them for their participation as speakers: to our key-note speaker Joanna Ossowska Rodziewicz, CEO and Founder of SmartBee Club, who provided us with a general overview of the industry, what VCs look for before investing, what top ideas #EdTech will see this year and much more; and to our panellists: Lars Gunnar Fledsberg, CEO and Founder of Wittario for sharing his knowledge and points of view on game-based education and outdoor activities, Manish Jar, Founder & CEO of Neosap EdTech who explained how EdTech is revolutionizing the education industry, especially in Pre-K and Benoit Wirz, Co-Founder and Partner at Brighteye Ventures for talking us through the investment landscape in Europe and giving some advice to entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, thanks also to our Finance Commission Chair Javier Lopez for his welcome note, to Benedikt Grütz, Vice President of the European Senate of Economy and Technology for his presentation about the Chamber and to Manuel Gonzalez Villavecchia, Director Finance Commission, for moderating and guiding through the whole event.

Many thanks to our audience for being there once again! We are very grateful for your participation and support. See you soon at our upcoming events!

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