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Digital Transformation Alliance

Digital Transformation Alliance will be your partner in deploying European technologies to foster long-lasting and value-adding partnerships among businesses and to strengthen the digitalisation of European and international companies.


Who We Are

The Digital Transformation Alliance is designed to foster innovation and business opportunities for European technology which enables European and international businesses to collaborate to use their technologies for the benefit of the European continent.


The goal of the Digital Transformation Alliance is not only to increase businesses, but also to reach the SDGs of the United Nations by combining technology solutions.

What We Do

We assist our Advocates with their technology solutions, products and services by providing matchmaking and networking services to local businesses and other stakeholders in Europe to identify as well as to resolve their challenges and needs.

Support Team

IT Support Engineer – EUTECH
IT Support Specialist – EUTECH
Ingrid Lurtz

Ingrid Lurtz

General Secretariat – Munich Office

Our Supporters

Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic Partners are organizations with similar objectives and directions that work in parallel with the EU Tech Chamber to achieve our goals and believe in our vision, Technology Obliges!

International alliances

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WiT Alliance
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